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A Dedication

     In appreciation for the vital cultural role that the Chester Little Theatre holds in helping make ours a more livable community, and in appreciation for the countless number of people who have contributed to the success of the live theater here over the years, this attempt is made at recording the theater's history over its first 30 years of existence. Hopefully, this collection of facts will be added to as each year passes so that the theater will always have a history to read.

    Many selfless people have come together and worked hard on stage, behind the scenes, in committee work, as officers and directors, and in many other ways to make the Chester Little Theatre what it is today. Hopefully, this history will pay tribute to many of those. May we always strive to add new names to our casts and work committees in the years to come.

    This attempted history is dedicated to all who have labored over the past 30 years, but especially to Dick Blair and Lewis Ryan for their untiring efforts in so many capacities.

-Don McKeown

November 1, 2002

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